Thursday, December 4, 2014

Those are my trips...

When I was away, yet here.
My body, mind and soul scattered around the world.
I was listening, or maybe not.
The conversations went on with my hmmms
I was somewhere, yet nowhere in particular

The mind flaps her wings and takes me away.
Being there at two places at the same time,
Those are my trips ...


Friday, November 7, 2014

That's when we were free...

When we laughed without a care in the world, 
Our masks let gone of; 
All our fears vanished into the thin air.
That's when we actually met, 
That's when we were free...


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Young & The Wild...

You wander like a nomad in your youth. You follow the wind, see seasons change...
And then, marvel at nature's secrets.
They tell you to stick to the lines,
But you're quite the mischievous hopper, aren't you?

With the heart of a wild child,
You laugh at all those falls.
Even with the pain, you muster up some courage.

Perhaps, the boundaries are meant to protect
But the world beyond fascinates you...

You create your own directions, The walls can't hold you back.

Hope surprises you.

Hope is like a solitary leaf dancing with the wind,
Flying freely and carelessly...
Sometimes, you're almost certain that she'll fall flat on her face..
And that's when she surprises you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sometimes, I wonder...

Woke up to the call of a dull afternoon,
An afternoon in the plains,
While, my heart yearned for the hills

As I looked outside my window,
A tender fall of a raindrop catches my eye.
Like a scene from a half dreamt dream;
Like a poem in the making,
It speaks…

With a still gaze, I try to soak it all in
The assortment of greens, reds and pinks in my garden,
A solitary white flower blooming in the wind,
Birds chirping one at a time, occasionally joining into a duet
The fading in and out sound of a hovering airplane,
Adding that tint of urban culture to this isolated fancy world of mine…

This single moment,
A union of so many voices;
The coming together of so many stories...

Yes, this ordinary life.
A coexistence of worlds that run in parallel
With or without, our knowing

Sometimes, I wonder…
Don’t you wonder too?

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Bird on a wire

Bird on a wire 
So trapped, yet, set free
Look upon the trails of the clouds and hear the sky speak.
Is it a sign or a story?
Rest the hero for the day,
And just be the spectator today...


Thursday, May 15, 2014

A thousand ships sailed...

One knock of hope on thy doors,
And a thousand ships sailed..
They know not the tricks of the ocean,
But there was a brave rhythm in their togetherness...


Friday, April 4, 2014

People in phases...

People in phases,
People in situations,
Caught like stars in a galaxy
Who stays a stranger?
Who remains a friend?
Walking on dotted lines, making time seem fine

A twirl of events;
A slow dance of souls
We cross paths, our journeys too long
Seeking connections, sometimes not…
Things happen, sometimes not…

Held by a string of thoughts
Bound by none but time
Each connection, an unexpected reason
Our hearts find home,
The smiles seem known.

No matter how short, how deep
Connections, these are
Let it be, as they are...

For we, are people in phases
Phasing in, phasing out
Making moments shine out of dust
Writing stories etched in our hearts

Prone to wins & losses
Still looking, while the universe is at play
‘Something is out there’, they say.
Strangely, we know…


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just make her smile...

Like a rock, she rolls
Hitting pavements, crossing shores,
Each strike adds another coat of strength,
The scars so countless, yet so defining
A sculpture so formed, so her...

As days change into seasons,
More sheen to her body and mind
Some seasons were dry and unkind
But what could break her now?
She stood firm like a rock
With no chains and stark-naked honesty.

Her inner flame, her only soft spot,
A light too bright to stay veiled,
So it reflects on her texture when she smiles.

You want to know her?
Just make her smile.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Only one win matters...

Fragments build up within,
A sudden surge of energy fuels my soul
The walls, they want to melt away and let out these waves, 
Is it an explosion that awaits? 

Maybe, these are just noises and mere noises.
An on and off spell of calmness;
Showers of love and harmony. 

An equilibrium, I can't keep up with,
It keeps disappearing when I try to touch,
Is it my touch or am I just chasing a bubble? 
The bubble is fragile, not me. 

What I seek is hiding somewhere in a maze.
Oh the games, there are too many!
Only one win matters...

Now, I choose between the rights and lefts, 
My choices, my moves.
Play, play, play, 
Till the master move emerges 
And breaks down this stalemate. 
Only one win matters, 
To crack open the heart of possibilities,
So play, till you find the key. 
Play, till you see the maze vanish away...

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