Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sometimes, I wonder...

Woke up to the call of a dull afternoon,
An afternoon in the plains,
While, my heart yearned for the hills

As I looked outside my window,
A tender fall of a raindrop catches my eye.
Like a scene from a half dreamt dream;
Like a poem in the making,
It speaks…

With a still gaze, I try to soak it all in
The assortment of greens, reds and pinks in my garden,
A solitary white flower blooming in the wind,
Birds chirping one at a time, occasionally joining into a duet
The fading in and out sound of a hovering airplane,
Adding that tint of urban culture to this isolated fancy world of mine…

This single moment,
A union of so many voices;
The coming together of so many stories...

Yes, this ordinary life.
A coexistence of worlds that run in parallel
With or without, our knowing

Sometimes, I wonder…
Don’t you wonder too?

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