Monday, February 6, 2012

Smile doll face, Smile…

Smile doll face, Smile,
Sometimes you may not see the reason why.
But this world is your stage and they’re all watching you; 
Every rise and fall will be applauded, though not by the same…
They’ll give you a name and you’ll always be their doll,
They’ll dress you in lavish finery and pour you a glass of red wine.

Even though you dwell behind those scenes, 
You’ll have your seconds when they leave you behind the curtains. 
There’ll be music, there’ll be light, 
Sometimes you’ll love,
Sometimes you’ll fight. 

But smile now, my doll face, 
For the sake of thy company; 
You be the muse, you be the escape route. 
Tie their hopes wherever they’ve been cut loose.
They might give you their hearts,
But don’t bind them please!
Let them be free, as you want to be... 
Your life will take flight and light up a smile!  

But smile, you must my doll face,
Smile just for another night… 
Your smile might seem like pride to some, 
But there’ll still be somebody, 
Who’ll always long to smile like that…