Monday, April 11, 2011


When I chose the path, questions rolled in my mind,
But the walk was worthy although I stumbled a few times.
A mirage so formed that you ran for it;         
And when the moment drew closer, my hands were still empty.
I went to the shore and picked up some sand,
The hands were no longer bare, for a while at least.

The sand began to slip off my palm,
And I wondered if time will ever be enough?
For the day is coming to a close,
And dusk will soon conquer…

Can’t hold on to the sand for long,
Will have to wait till I spot the rock
Now it’s just a matter of another night
There’ll be a new morning and some more time...

For now I have the sand and the moonlight
And so many thoughts to pen down on this paper
Words and thoughts; thoughts and poetry,
 Poetry and a tranquil state of mind…