Monday, June 25, 2012

Her Story (Part – I)...

She was living her own story,
Her characters mingled in perfect harmony…

But the scenes grew challenging every day,
Each day, new puzzle;
Same characters, perplexed expressions…

Her audience and their eager faces;
Don’t you know that feeling of longing to know & not know at the same time?
They could live with that anxiety.

But the clock was ticking, so was the restlessness…
“Are we there yet?” said the voices.

The old saga had to end,
The leading lady had her part coming…

< Spotlight >

She had so much on her mind,
Is she doing it right or just uttering those lines?

She desperately wanted to evolve, break away from the narration
Something extra-ordinary had to come along…
Will she be ready?
Will she give it a chance?