Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Mind parked in a sea of endless thoughts…
Came across many travellers as I waited for the green signal
There was only one light;    
But each gave it a new definition.

Some of their bets stood correct,
While the rest changed their mind at the crossroads;
Who knows which was the right or wrong way?
They all wanted something different…

 Never mind the regrets thou shall make;
As long as the soul blends with the colours of the found.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The sky of far Eastern lands...

Oh the sky of far Eastern lands,
Your evening light tells countless stories…
In the glory of the fading light,
You sing tales of valour and pride.

You make way for the burning Sun;
Wipe away its weary soul, from the fury of its own.

Though it burns in your own heart,
You grant the comfort of your clouds.
As they play a game of hide and seek,
You gaze at the affairs of the mortals in land.
So much struggle and toil;
Yet their eyes carry a dream of hope.
Every time they stumble upon the rocks,
They look up to you in search of solace…

That’s when you realize the call of faith,
And a smile runs through your face…
Night must come for tomorrow’s light,
So carry on with the journey.

For none can stop the light,
It makes way through the clouds
If at all it takes a break,
You’ll dwell in the night…
For darkness my friend,
Is a make believe story…