Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am Black…

I stood behind as still as the wall,
A wall so full of puzzles and shadows…
I could never have that stage,
But their drama is flawed without my body.

I am that black canvas inside your thoughts,
One colour for many emotions…
Without me, light has no worth;
You’ll find no direction unless you surrender…
I’ll show you more than you wish to see;
And leave fine lines in your memory…
I am black; more than just a colour
I give shades to those blurred fragments of your mind…
Without me love isn’t as sensuous;

The Moon isn’t half stunning;
Without me, there wouldn’t be a ‘night’
My darkness frightens the mortals…
I am that silhouette of fears, wrath and pain;
That stranger who follows them everywhere they go…

 My presence haunts the prude,
But the poets call me their muse…

You can run away and abandon me…
But remember, I’m the one when you seek refuge;
I am that partial life in between your heartbeats;
The only destination beyond that ‘finishing line’

Monday, June 25, 2012

Her Story (Part – I)...

She was living her own story,
Her characters mingled in perfect harmony…

But the scenes grew challenging every day,
Each day, new puzzle;
Same characters, perplexed expressions…

Her audience and their eager faces;
Don’t you know that feeling of longing to know & not know at the same time?
They could live with that anxiety.

But the clock was ticking, so was the restlessness…
“Are we there yet?” said the voices.

The old saga had to end,
The leading lady had her part coming…

< Spotlight >

She had so much on her mind,
Is she doing it right or just uttering those lines?

She desperately wanted to evolve, break away from the narration
Something extra-ordinary had to come along…
Will she be ready?
Will she give it a chance?



Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have it now…

I love this rush, I love this feeling;
This sense of power is emerging from somewhere deep
Although it’s yet to come alive, the fire has started…

Come now, forget those judgements,
We are done keeping scores.
In this course of lost & founds,
Nothing but freedom is my ultimate yearning…
There shall be no strings, but I’ll carry what’s mine.

Come along if you feel, we’ll be wanderers in time;
Build memoirs of yesterdays, throw colours on tomorrows,
And sometimes, we’ll paint them black & white…

Oh how this feeling of control surrenders to my soul!
Just like sea waves dashing against the rocks.
I call it equilibrium, even though it’s a passing one;
I have it now, settled like a butterfly on my palm…


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The calm was always mine when it all began…
It fell like a leaf and touched the ground;
The wind carried it along for a while,
It swirled and danced its way up & down.
Slowly it landed on a stream of water,
And the tender current took it to a place far off somewhere…
From oceans & mountains, city streets & country roads
To the divine Mediterranean lands,
Calm kept wandering…

I opened my eyes and kept searching for it
But it had made its way through heights & depths.
I kept wondering “what was its plan?”
While calm playfully left its traces behind…

It kept blending with the song of the forest,
Teasing me with those whispering echoes…
We still play this game of hide & seek
It won’t let me quit so I stay awake…

While some hunt for it in the light of the day,
It seems to hide somewhere in the silence of the night.

If it’s about running after shadows,
I’ll wait till it meets mine…
For calm was my own when it all began…


Monday, February 6, 2012

Smile doll face, Smile…

Smile doll face, Smile,
Sometimes you may not see the reason why.
But this world is your stage and they’re all watching you; 
Every rise and fall will be applauded, though not by the same…
They’ll give you a name and you’ll always be their doll,
They’ll dress you in lavish finery and pour you a glass of red wine.

Even though you dwell behind those scenes, 
You’ll have your seconds when they leave you behind the curtains. 
There’ll be music, there’ll be light, 
Sometimes you’ll love,
Sometimes you’ll fight. 

But smile now, my doll face, 
For the sake of thy company; 
You be the muse, you be the escape route. 
Tie their hopes wherever they’ve been cut loose.
They might give you their hearts,
But don’t bind them please!
Let them be free, as you want to be... 
Your life will take flight and light up a smile!  

But smile, you must my doll face,
Smile just for another night… 
Your smile might seem like pride to some, 
But there’ll still be somebody, 
Who’ll always long to smile like that…