Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Visions of a Forest Dream

A dark canvas with the picture of a withering tree 
Its branches melt away into pink and purple hues
Light rays break down into bits of diamonds
The scattered bits mingle with the colours
Colours that dance along the wind like sea waves

Pearl droplets rise from the wet grass 
And float in the air like bubbles of dew. 
Glowworms lit up the dark alleys of the forest
Like twinkling stars on a maiden's hair 

The forest is dark and wild
Its long and twisty roads,
Like the passage to a woman's heart
The deeper you go, 
You lose your way

Once you enter her world,
You are never the same again
You lose yourself 
To find something new.

The forest is full of sounds and mysteries
She waits for those who seek them...


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Following the trail of the Butterflies...

I roam freely in the fields of golden grains,
The Sun shines brightly behind the shoulders’ of the mountains
A swarm of butterflies dance to the tune of the northeastern winds
I witness the graceful tap of those tiny wings;
The opening and closing of a universe full of secrets.

Wings like soft petals of heavenly flowers,
Wings full of colours and stories,
Turning into a kaleidoscope of my life…

Where do they come from?
Where do they go?
Theirs is a relentless search of beauty
Just like the dream, I chase on my two feet…

Making their way through the dense forests,
They carry the pulse of the wild and the mysterious.
Once they reach the gardens of daffodils,
Their souls blend in with the mood of the season.

I look around
I don’t see them anymore
Suddenly it’s winter,
Fields clad in thick foam of white snow
I close my eyes, a world moves inside me
I open my eyes to the scene of wings fluttering out of a cocoon
And it’s spring once again...

Image Courtesy: www.google.com