Monday, January 20, 2014

Only one win matters...

Fragments build up within,
A sudden surge of energy fuels my soul
The walls, they want to melt away and let out these waves, 
Is it an explosion that awaits? 

Maybe, these are just noises and mere noises.
An on and off spell of calmness;
Showers of love and harmony. 

An equilibrium, I can't keep up with,
It keeps disappearing when I try to touch,
Is it my touch or am I just chasing a bubble? 
The bubble is fragile, not me. 

What I seek is hiding somewhere in a maze.
Oh the games, there are too many!
Only one win matters...

Now, I choose between the rights and lefts, 
My choices, my moves.
Play, play, play, 
Till the master move emerges 
And breaks down this stalemate. 
Only one win matters, 
To crack open the heart of possibilities,
So play, till you find the key. 
Play, till you see the maze vanish away...

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