Monday, December 5, 2011

What is it that you're looking for?

What is it that you’re looking for?
What makes you twist and turn all night long?
Why not content with what’s on your platter,
When the rest have bowed down to the worldly ways?

A prism of thoughts, as unsettling as water;
And all that pondering never ceases to rest…

So you start digging on your own,
Picked those muddled up pieces here and there
Something’s still missing, it always has...

The journey’s long and weary,
That feeling of fulfillment is a distant dream.
The picture still isn't clear;
You wait for the colours to fill in…

Yet they made you walk along that hazy stretch,
You wandered like a curious nomad, ran to quench your thirst
But the mirage won over you at first;
Soon you learned its trick and leveled the scores.

Those sore feet took you on for miles and miles,
But what could beat the flight of thy mind?
It’ll hunt for the hints and leave its trails behind…
Not even the stones can weigh you down now;
You’ve come too far ahead of those second thoughts,
Much beyond the reach of ifs and buts…


Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Adventure has only begun...

I have a dream and it comes to life at night...
The day always came with its own plans,
So there came the nights, to wander and explore

I want to run on the grassy fields;
Where the morning dew caresses my bare feet,
The gentle wind escorts me ahead
As I slowly picked up its pace,
We made music as we raced…

No rush, no track of time,
Didn’t matter who came first…
For we didn’t want to stop, did we?

The light was frail, on and off,
The Moon romanced behind the clouds…
The passion lit skies threw its thunders,
And the sky started melting as she blushed…
It drizzled down and wet the lands;
I’ve always wanted to be drenched like this…

So I kept running,
My adventure has only begun…


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Strange feeling...I know

Once you leave home to see the outside world,
You become like the sea waves;
Always longing for land…
And occasionally when you do get some of it,
You can’t seem to settle for too long…

The tide has a stronger pull
And you know you’ll have to answer life’s call….
But while you’re there, you try to grab as much as you can,
And give it back some of “You”…

And when it’s time to leave,
You turn around and join the march…
With your head held high up and a deep sigh of breath,
Your lips smile but your eyes are moist at the same time…
Strange feeling, I know…


Thursday, August 11, 2011

He and She...

You had the pen, but she had the lines... 
You wrote a song, but little did you know,
You only sang for her...

You didn't know her,
But she was the breeze that swept away your weary thoughts;
She was the shadow when you thought you were walking all alone.

Though you never really said a word to each other 
The silence did it, in more than one ways...
So whenever you sing that old song,
Remember, it'll always echo in somebody else's heart.

You never really had to acknowledge her presence,
For she was your own from the very start.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Mind parked in a sea of endless thoughts…
Came across many travellers as I waited for the green signal
There was only one light;    
But each gave it a new definition.

Some of their bets stood correct,
While the rest changed their mind at the crossroads;
Who knows which was the right or wrong way?
They all wanted something different…

 Never mind the regrets thou shall make;
As long as the soul blends with the colours of the found.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The sky of far Eastern lands...

Oh the sky of far Eastern lands,
Your evening light tells countless stories…
In the glory of the fading light,
You sing tales of valour and pride.

You make way for the burning Sun;
Wipe away its weary soul, from the fury of its own.

Though it burns in your own heart,
You grant the comfort of your clouds.
As they play a game of hide and seek,
You gaze at the affairs of the mortals in land.
So much struggle and toil;
Yet their eyes carry a dream of hope.
Every time they stumble upon the rocks,
They look up to you in search of solace…

That’s when you realize the call of faith,
And a smile runs through your face…
Night must come for tomorrow’s light,
So carry on with the journey.

For none can stop the light,
It makes way through the clouds
If at all it takes a break,
You’ll dwell in the night…
For darkness my friend,
Is a make believe story…

Monday, June 20, 2011

There’s something about the night….

Goodbye said the day as she walked away…

My gaze moved away towards the dusky sky;
Draped in a blanket; lit with stars and the playful moonlight,
“Would you not look at me?” sang the night.

I couldn’t say no and kept staring into his eye…
Ah never did I see such passion and enigma!
It was a calling or perhaps a dream;
The mind swayed by the musical breeze…

My room looked cozy in the hazy light,
A strange kind of calm filled the night air;
Resting beside the window, I sipped some tea;
And let those mundane thoughts slip by…
I set them loose on those shadowy streets,
Maybe they’ll vanish forever someday…
In that hope, I closed my eyes…

Sinatra sounded just fine on the radio,
Reminding me that I was not alone…
The night knew many who trusted his company;
Good-listener that he was,
He embraced their stories, secrets locked in safe chambers;
They didn’t lie to him, nor did they fear his might.
For once, they were honest and felt lighter inside…


Monday, April 11, 2011


When I chose the path, questions rolled in my mind,
But the walk was worthy although I stumbled a few times.
A mirage so formed that you ran for it;         
And when the moment drew closer, my hands were still empty.
I went to the shore and picked up some sand,
The hands were no longer bare, for a while at least.

The sand began to slip off my palm,
And I wondered if time will ever be enough?
For the day is coming to a close,
And dusk will soon conquer…

Can’t hold on to the sand for long,
Will have to wait till I spot the rock
Now it’s just a matter of another night
There’ll be a new morning and some more time...

For now I have the sand and the moonlight
And so many thoughts to pen down on this paper
Words and thoughts; thoughts and poetry,
 Poetry and a tranquil state of mind…


Thursday, February 3, 2011

She had to know …

She thought she was losing her face in the crowd everyday,
A city which ran at a pace she barely managed to keep up with…
But somehow it gave her thought and a sense of direction perhaps.

Reality wasn’t her favourite bedtime story, so she read little.
As long as there were colours and the occasional black and white,
She could hold on to her song and keep switching worlds…
It wasn’t a hobby practiced in solitude but a way of life;
Something that shields the flame within…

The crowd often intrigued her and she often kept wondering,
Why is everything the way it is and will this feeling ever last?
And the evening passes away with voices and laughs;
She joins in and embraces the moment, acting as if she wasn’t lost.
It was not in her control you see; there was something about those gates…
What’s on the other side?
Something she had to know…