Monday, May 6, 2013

Quite the afternoon...

This seemed like a fine afternoon to scribble down something.
After flipping through a few pages, I found that spot.

The clock kept ticking at a leisurely pace…
Maybe it's going to be ‘two thirty’ for a long time now…

It was an ordinary moment really;
The day was changing colours right under the Sun,
The air was filled with a concoction of noises;
The mild bustling of cars on the streets, carpenters at work,
Whistles of the pressure cooker, a running tap,
Dogs barking at the motorcycles on the streets,
Trees swaying with the gentle breeze,
And even the crickets were around...

I was in between my yawns and sighs,
My eyes set on the ceiling fan,
Staring & wondering if there's something to admire about it…
The dullness of this hour had this eerie soothing effect.

The sluggish hands of the clock barely made a move,
Minutes to seconds went by but time stood still.
Soon the Sun began to draw its curtains;
Its light kept fading with every move;
The clock timed the act and conveniently so...

Perhaps it’s going to be two-thirty for quite some time...