Monday, September 16, 2013

Seconds of happiness…

Only you will fight, only you will emerge
It’s your story & you’re here to make a long run.
A meaningful one, if not that long…

What you choose, is your gift or curse
And of course you knew, didn't you?

That fragile phase of ignorance you seek
Drifts you away or takes you closer to a whole new world.

You thought it’ll be green all along the way,
And that’s when your fantasy goes wrong…

The picture you sought, didn't match the one in mind
And then you begin to think, does this mismatch really matter?
Did we have to say it out aloud?
Couldn't we stay content with this one second?

Oh you want it all,
You want the magic, you want the drama

You’re trying to make everything count
But it’s only a fragment of happiness we earn out of these infinite seconds…