Monday, March 28, 2016

At the gates of Paradise...

 © View from the Triund Trek

One morning I found myself at the gates of paradise, 
A chain of snow clad mountains, 
Surrounded by a coat of fog,
And the buzzing sound of roaring winds...

A surreal scene, where all my Gods stood right before me..
And I thought, I was inside a dream 
Just that I was slipping deeper and deeper 
I didn't mind that kind of falling..

Like a beauty that draws you in mysterious ways, 
Shakes you a little, 
Kills you a little,
And you're never the same...

But time passed by, 
And reality found the crack to seep in...
Slowly everything started to fade away
Still, I held on to that moment
Till my mind finished sketching the whole picture 
Tracing all the contours, 
Filling all the colours...

There, I've saved you forever you see... 
Until the next encounter dawns, 
And I meet you in another skin...

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